the best alternative for hair dye

So you are tired of hair dyes and damaged hair, but you still want to change your hair color. You searched for ways to change your hair naturally, but it takes time. There are many ways. But I will tell you the best one and the fastest way. it’s henna. Some of you might know what henna is. But I will answer some questions you all ask.

The best hair dye
Henna powder

the questions that comes to your mind.

  • what is henna?
  • is it good for my hair?
  • what the color I will get?
  • is it safe?

so, let’s start

what is henna?

henna is a plant’s leaves, that people dry it and making it a powder.

is it good for my hair

From my experience, I tell you that it won’t just change your hair color, it will also make your hair shiny and silky.

what the color I will get?

Henna has a red-orange stain for your hair. If I read this and I have never used it I would say I don’t want an orange hair. But actually, it doesn’t give you this shade. It depends on other factors; such as your hair color, the ingredients you use while mixing the henna and how many hours you will put it on your hair.

Henna hair dye
My hair

I don’t think that is orange or red. Actually it became more to brown shade and I used to have very dark black hair.

is it safe?

many  beauty products’ companies use chemicals with the henna, so the color become more vibrant. So I recommend to buy natural henna, Free from chemicals.

other reasons to use Henna for your hair.


  1. If you used the right ingredients for your hair. it will get  rid of all your hair problems.
  2. You will have new hair color without damage.
  3. If you used it regularly it will make your hair healthy.
  4. You could use it as a mask for thick and long hair.
  5. You could dye your children’s hair with it.
  6. You could use it when you are pregnant if its 100% natural.

There are so many secrets that I Discovered from using henna many times and I learned how to do it right and how to get different shades. I’ll make a blog post only to tell you all my secrets.

Have a good hair day 🙂












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