How to get ready for a date with a nice hair?

 When you have a date, you’re always thinking what should I wear, hmm, curl my hair or braid it, wearing a dress or jeans and be comfortable. I feel exactly the same as you. Actually, I was thinking that I should write it down what I was going to do on a piece of paper. Yeah, I know. Romantic dates make me nervous.

Get ready for your date with a nice hair

Here, I’ll tell you the secret to having an amazing hair without any heat or damage.

What could be better than soft and shiny hair? It makes me feel confident and happy. So, I’ve to make sure my hair looks good.

 But if you like me. don’t like to damage your hair or using curling irons or hair dryers. Try this.

  1. If you have a dry hair, you can make a coconut oil mask. It has a nice smell and will make your hair shiny and soft. And it’s always there.
  2. If your hair is very dry and frizzy, you can put it before you sleep and wash it in the morning.
  3. If you don’t want to sleep with oil in your hair. You can put it for 1 hour, cover your hair with a plastic bag. So your hair gets the full benefit of the oil.

As, I said I don’t use hair dryers, so I use the cold air to dry my hair. You could use a fan.

If I want to have a straight hair with volume and  with no heat, I use this method. It’s great. I always do it when I want to look nice.

Actually, I didn’t learn it from the Youtube or from any website. I had learned if from my grandmother. She is half Egyptian and half Moroccan. She has a very shiny long hair and she never buys any famous products or using any heat. I’ve to tell you guys it’s hair goals.

But if you want a wavy or curly hair. I have learned this method from one of my friends. Then I saw it on Beautyklove channel. You can check the  curling method.

There are other methods that I like doing it so much. like This heatless curling method.

The most important thing I care about is my hair. I just love it. So, I always search for natural and new ways to make it healthy and shiny. And if you like me, interested in natural products and hacks. But you are struggling with a specific thing. You can tell me and I might have the solution for you.

have a nice day 🙂


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