A Few hours ago, I saw RclBeauty video “I’m ugly.”Actually, I cried. Before I watch it. I was really down. I was really sad and frustrated. I was just saying to myself “you’re not going to be successful” “Your hair looks gross today” “you will run out of ideas and people won’t care anymore about what you write.”

I can tell you a million things I have told myself. And I’m sure we all do this at some point.

How many times you stood in front of the mirror and you see yourself far away from having a perfect body?

How many times you wished you had the body or the face of someone else?

How many times were you shy of your husband or boyfriend because you aren’t confident enough that your body is not that perfect?

How many times you said are not good enough?

I can ask these questions all day. And I’m sure you will relate to some of them. Even if, you are a gorgeous girl or an amazing woman.

I see girls out there asking AM I UGLY?

Women love hair, makeup, and fashion. It’s our nature.We love these stuff. But it became weird to see people with flawless skin and body. And we know it’s not real. These people spend hours to put makeup on and they might do a surgery to have the perfect lips or nose.

In another world. Where there is no such thing as plastic surgeries and people are okay with their flawless.I would wear a dress. I won’t care if my legs are too thin.

I won’t care.

People will wear what they want. And we will be happy. There will be no people judging our appearance. My mother’s friend won’t come to our house and tell me” Oh, you look so thin. You should gain more weight.” Actually, I’ll kick her out of my world.

I really loved my body. I wasn’t thinking that I look too thin or short. I started thinking about it only when people started telling me this. I started to look at my body more and feeling frustrated that I can’t gain weight or because I’m too short.

 A story I read about a girl said “I’m ugly”

She was going out with someone she really loves. She spent like 3 hours to get ready. And after all these, she wasn’t happy. She hated that her hair wasn’t perfect. She didn’t want him to touch her. She was thinking about her body, her hair and how she looked rather than thinking of enjoying time with him.

It’s so sad. to come to this point. To only think about your look.

I'm ugly.


So, let me write down the only thing you should know. Enough with being sad and frustrated.

If you are feeling sad because of your body.Don’t.

Sometimes we only need someone to remind us it’s okay to have an imperfect body.

If there are people saying you are ugly or you should work on your body. Let them feel how confident you are in your own skin. People get afraid of strong and confident women.

Lastly, if you feel unsuccessful or anything related to your career. Every time you feel this. start working. Work on your skills. Do small things every day to achieve your goal

And every time you achieve a small goal. Something very, very small. Take a break and treat yourself.











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  1. Max says:

    I like this post as it gives both sides of the mindset.

    Body image is a very important issue for alot of people.
    It can lead to serious mental anxiety.

    There are many blogs and help out there to make sense of it all….including my motivational blog.

    Liked by 1 person

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