Manage your time effectively with these tips.

Tomorrow my semester will begin, which means I’ll have to study while managing my blog. Since I started this blog. I found myself sitting on my laptop for hours to write a blog post or to trying to learn more about blogging. So, I’ll have to change my routine completely. I’ll have to find a way to manage my time more effectively.

Manage your time effectively

I’ll write down.

  • Apps that will help you whether you are a college student, a working mother or still going to school.
  • Few tips to plan your day.

Few tips to plan your day or week.

  1. Start your day smiling.

Don’t start your day saying “Oh my god I have so many things to do” Because you will end up doing nothing and feeling frustrated.

2. Write down what you need to do this morning.

I like writing in my notebook. So, I don’t need to use my phone. But if you always get to forget your notebook or you prefer using mobile apps. Check this list of apps.

  • Todoist app. It’s a great app to write down what you should do.
Tedoist Manage your time efficiently
Tedoist review on twitter

Evernote to manage your time efficiently

Evernote app to manage your time efficiently

Manage your time efficiently

Manage your time efficiently

Manage your time effectively
School assistant

3. Start doing your tasks.

You wrote down what tasks you have in your day. Start with the one who needs you to be creative like writing or drawing. If you don’t have or it’s things need effort. Start with the task that will need more time.

4. Don’t waste time on social media.

If you have to. Like me to manage your social accounts. Set yourself a limit like half an hour.

5.Don’t depend on your memory.

That’s why there is something called sticky notes. Do not say I will remember it. We never do.

6. Take a nap and don’t be a caffeine addict.

There is no harm for a cup of coffee at morning. But just don’t depend on coffee to stay awake all your day.

7. Multitasking.

We all know that multitasking is a bad thing. You will make many things in one time. But it won’t be beneficial. I know it because I always try to do everything at the same time. I open Twitter, Pinterest, Youtube and my blog all at the same time. And guess what I don’t finish a thing. But it might be good if you do something that doesn’t require you to be very focused on.

8. Try listening to music.

9. Know yourself.

Sometimes we write so many things and we are so motivated to do it and you are saying to yourself “I’m going to do it, I’ll finish all my work today”

It’s good to be positive. But you shouldn’t overwhelm yourself.

10. Write down what distracts you.

When you are working on a very important project or you have an exam and suddenly you start thinking what you will eat when you get home. That weird stuff that comes to your mind when you are doing something important. Write them down and you’ll stop thinking about them. Maybe you will start thinking about another weird thing. Write it down too.

What you should know is that no one else can tell your routine. You’re the only one who knows what is important and should be done today and what is not. So, You should start thinking about how your routine should be. Will you work at night or you like to wake up early. It’s all depend on your lifestyle.









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