Why do beauty bloggers look so perfect?

Before starting this blog, I was always watching famous beauty bloggers on YouTube. I was getting frustrated sometimes. They look so gorgeous all the time. Even if they are making a night routine video. And I’m looking at myself and thinking, oh my god I look hideous. Especially when I’m wearing pajamas . My room is messy and so is my hair. I’m way far from being perfect. I was always asking myself this question “why do beauty bloggers look so perfect? ”

Why do beauty bloggers look so perfect?
The same hairstyle I do at home

But they look amazing. Watching some of their videos made me learn a lot about hair and masks and how I can take care of my body. As no one told me anything about puberty and how to tame those hairs when I was younger.

Beautyklove famous youtuber and blogger

But some of us or a lot of us feel Beauty bloggers don’t need to do anything. They are already perfect. But now I know why do beauty bloggers look so perfect.

When you are in a place where you should tell people what they must do to have a perfect hair or perfect skin. Like these, videos we see around. You can’t tell them “Oh guys, I’ll tell you how to have that perfect hair while my hair looks bad and messy”

Famous beauty blogger and youtuber

I hope you understand the idea.

  • The same with “get rid of acne” No beauty blogger can say do this to get rid of it. While she has acne on her face.
  • It’s their job to look perfect.
  • They spend more time on themselves more than you do.
  • They are so many of them who are saying how they really suffered to having that amazing hair or that perfect skin.
  • Few of them had plastic surgeries.
  • They spend more money to buy products.
  • They try different things to make them look better all the time.
  • Perfect night routines are not always true, there are some days when they look messy just like us.
  • Some of us are not perfect but we don’t show it to you.

I can put the pictures of them before makeup or how they looked in the past. But if they look normal or even ugly. It won’t make you feel beautiful. I don’t know why these photos make people feel better.

Why  Beauty Bloggers look perfect from the perspective of a girl starting her own beauty blog.

I was thinking of writing about my hair routine. While my hair was so dry. I felt I was lying to you guys how can I tell you do this to have a nice hair or perfect skin while mine is not perfect at all. In order to feel better. I started searching for new hacks and tips to test it and telling you if it really works.

I felt it’s my duty towards you to find out what really works. And I can’t tell you Do this while I didn’t even try it.

What I’m trying to tell you.

We are not perfect. Most of us are. And we are not afraid to say this. But the ones who are always pretending to be perfect are just acting in front of a camera.




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  1. I think camera quality and lighting makes the biggest difference. Also video or photo editing! They’re just everyday people who are really good at makeup, and are experts at showcasing it!

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  2. Powerful post!! I always wondered that too, especially with bigger bloggers like alexandrasgirlytalk and zoella I always felt like I wasn’t up to their standard, but equipment and lighting makes a huge difference

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you. I’m glad you liked it. Yeah I know I always watch both of them on YouTube. But if you saw their first videos you will see a huge difference.


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