Why I love YouTube so much and HOW IT CHANGED MY LIFE.

YouTube was always the place where I go if I want to learn a new thing. I didn’t search google or asked anyone. I just go and watch a video. However, I discovered things I didn’t know anything about. I’m going to tell you why I love Youtube so much and how it changed my life. Before I use the internet in every aspect of my life. I was seeing myself as a normal girl who is very shy and never asks questions to avoid human interaction. Yeah, I know it was stupid.

After I started searching and trying to find answers. I learned so many things. I knew nothing about before. It made me know what I want and what I really love. It changed me.

I’ll tell you the YouTube channels I really love watching them and the videos that make me take important decisions in my life.


YouTube channels I’m following

I’m a messy person who loves unrelated things. So, Expect YouTube channels and videos have nothing to do with each other.

  • Just Between Us. : It’s a channel about two roommates called Alison and Gaby. Alison is the girl with the brown hair who never changes her look or anything while Gaby is a bisexual girl who you will see in different looks in each video. Sometimes she is blonde. Sometimes she has pink hair. That’s the idea of their videos. Someone who is Bisexual and loves the change  and wild while the other hate change and just a beautiful  girl who worries about a lot of things.
Why I love Youtube so much and how it changed my life
Alison & Gaby
  • Jenna Moreci: She is a writer. She wrote a book called EVE. She makes great videos for young writers. However, it won’t help bloggers.
Jenna Moreci YouTube channel
Jenna Moreci
Why I love Youtube so much and how it changed my life
  • Vivien Reis : She is also a writer. I love her so much. She is very pretty. She made this video about Writing tips for young writers. I find it very useful. Her videos always give me kind of a new information. You can read her book Here.
YouTube changed my life.
Vivien Reis
  • Little Book Owl: She is an Australian girl who loves books and making videos. She always posts these book reviews and book hauls. I think I’ve seen all her videos. And she is posting videos since 2011. If you are a book lover just like me. Go and see her channel.
Youtube channels
Little Book Owl
  • BuzzFeedYellow ladylike: I’m not a fan of Buzzfeed videos. However, I like the LadyLike videos. Some women try new things and new products. it’s very entertaining.

Some of the videos that I won’t forget.

This video was so simple but it  made me cry. Because this what I was doing to myself.

judging myself and my appearance. Standing in front of a mirror to see my flaws.

It might seem unuseful to you. But it’s great for anyone starting a BookTube.

I started blogging because I wanted to be a beauty blogger like the bloggers who make videos on YouTube. And blogging is the most amazing thing in my life right now. Maybe my blog is not that famous yet. But it will be one day.I learned to accept me and my body. To love myself before asking others to love me.

I’m not writing this for you to go and follow these guys. No, I want you to search, to learn from others. YouTube can be a great place to find what is your passion. And what you like or good at. So, go and search.






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