Does baking soda really work? And amazing beauty secrets.

Hi everyone, today I want to talk about beauty and natural products and all these stuff. I have seen many videos talking about baking soda and its benefits and how it gets rid of dandruff, yellow teeth, and acne. And many other things like shaving and the list goes on. So today I decided to answer this question “ Does baking soda really work? ”

First of all, I decided to make a face mask of baking soda and lemon. And I was afraid to put it on my face. Because I just mixed the two together and suddenly there is a chemical reaction here. Is it safe to put on my face? then I tested it on my hand. it was fine. Put it on my face for 10 to 15 minutes.

these are the steps.

  1. Mix lemon juice with baking soda.
  2. Put it on your face for 15 minutes.
  3. Wash your face with water
  4. Put your favorite moisturizing cream and add to it vitamin E capsules.

Does baking soda really work? (tested)

Did it work?

Yes, it did. But it wasn’t like a magical thing. You put it for 15 minutes and BAM you have the most amazing skin in the world. No, I felt my skin is clearer, the redness is gone. And I just did it one time. I think if I kept doing it twice a week, I will get amazing results.

Does baking soda get rid of dandruff?

After putting the mixture of lemon juice and baking soda on my hair for 20 minutes. Hmm, I really don’t fell a huge difference. I think I’ll have to do it more than one time to know if it really works. I’ll do it 2 more times and update the result here.

Does baking soda make the skin softer?

Yes yes yes, I just put it on my right hand, my face and my neck. And guys I feel beautiful. And feeling beautiful and feminine is not a thing I’m familiar with.

Few beauty tips.

It’s show time 😀 I’m going to tell you some of my beauty secrets. Well, you should be excited. Few hacks to do before you sleep.

  1. Mix your hair cream with vitamin E.
  2. Cover your hair with a silk scarf or a turban and you will never have to deal with a bad hair day.
  3. Mix your night face cream with vitamin E.
  4. Put some olive oil on your finger and try to put it on your lashes.
  5. And of course some olive oil for your nails.
  6. Try to sleep on your back, to avoid getting wrinkles.

Mixing vitamin E with any product you have is really what gives a magical result. It has many benefits

Does baking soda really work? And some amazing beauty secrets

If you are a big fan of natural products and you enjoy it. Then you can also check out my best hair mask for dry and damaged hair.

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