Beached Whale: Learning to Swim in the New Ocean by Daren Martin

Companies aBeached whale swimming in the new Ocean by Daren Martinnd the leaders within them struggle to achieve results.
With the advances in technology companies are either running successfully into this new world, or failing to keep up. Is your company beached? Stranded on the sands of past success? Slow and steady no longer wins the race.
Beached Whale will equip you to evaluate if your company has become beached. Do you have a coordinated enterprise company, or do you have a company mired down in bureaucracy? You could be a Beached Whale company. There is only one way to find out.

Genres: Leadership, business

publication : Published February 1st 2017 by Clovercroft Publishing

Number of pages: 192

price: 14.09 from Book depository with free shipping or Amazon

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Beached WHale book is  about the beached companies, the big companies that die or lose everything and how to know if your company is beached or going to be one.

Seeing the book cover which I give it 5 out of 5 and reading the description I said to myself this book is going to be very helpful 🤔 because I want to start my own business and what could be better than reading a book written by an expert. Even if I don’t have a big company at least I’ll learn not to have a beached company one day.

Well, that what I was expecting 😒 . I don’t know if my expectations were too high and that what made me feel bored and unsatisfied.

First of all the book was full of illustrations. I thought they look cute and funny but seeing them every 2 pages makes me feel like I was reading a book for children.

giphy (2)

I couldn’t take the book seriously and if a book about leadership, business and big companies is not taken seriously what should be taken seriously a coloring book for adults?!!

But to be honest and fair🤓 if you like the kind of books that have many quotes and small pieces of advice you will find this book amazing. and if you’re like me who loves to read books full of information and stories.

How this company did survive ?? what did the manager do to save his company? and this kind of books and hate quotes or don’t enjoy reading them I don’t recommend this book for you.

More about the Author .

Beached Whales by Daren Martin

Dr. Daren Martin was born in Louisiana but spent most of his growing up years in Bangkok, Thailand. He started and ran his own company while working on his Master’s degree and eventually his PhD in Psychology. After 20 years of running his own business he sold his company and began consulting Fortune 500 companies on Leadership, Company Culture, Sales Psychology and other topics. He has three grown children and was recently remarried.

He thought leadership and change strategies in transforming companies earned him the title The Culture Architect. He acts as a Trusted Advisor to business leaders at companies ranging from Fortune 500 to small businesses to create Owner Cultures.

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