You’ve to read this book if you’re an Arab or interested in Arabic culture (Where jasmine blooms by Holly S. Warah)

Where jasmine blooms by Holly S. Warah

I’m feeling very lucky I got this book from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. Finally there’s a book discussing the Palestinian issue in an interesting way.

Without going too deep in politics. It’s not a political book or a book for only Arabs. It’s a novel about a Muslim family from Palestine but living in America. The book will show you things you might like or you might think it’s stupid. but in the end we all are the same, we are humans who want to have a home, live happy with our family and feel safe. We all do it in our way, And you can’t steal that from someone for your own good and safety.

YOu have to raed this book if you're an Arab or interested in Arabic culture ( where jasmine blooms bs Holly.S.Warah)To the Mansours, an Arab American family living in Seattle, love knows no borders. But despite our best efforts, sometimes love—and family—are foreign to us . . .American-born Margaret Mansour wants nothing more than to rekindle the struggling twenty-year marriage to her Palestinian husband, Ahmed—but not if it means uprooting their home and children in America and moving halfway across the world.Young and ambitious Alison Mansour has a degree in Near East Studies, but her American education and Syrian background are of no use when her new marriage begins to crumble under the weight of cultural and religious differences. The communication between Alison and her husband is already shaky; how will they cope with the arrival of their first child?Zainab Mansour, the matriarch of her family, never expected to live in America, but after the death of her husband she finds herself lost in a faithless country and lonely within the walls of her eldest son’s home. She wants what’s best for her children but struggles to find her place in a new landscape.Emerging from the interwoven perspectives of these three women comes a story of love and longing, culture and compromise, home and homeland. Exploring the complex political backdrop of the Middle East from a personal perspective, Where Jasmine Blooms travels from the suburbs of Seattle to the villas of Jordan and the refugee camps of the West Bank, on an emotional journey exploring what it means to be a family.

Genre: Fiction

Number of pages: 392

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Published April 18th 2017 by Skyhorse Publishing

You will see what happens from three perspectives of Zainab, Margret, and Alison.


was the mother who had to leave her home and live in America with her elder son Ahmed and his family.


Ahmed’s wife who converted to Islam. They’ve met 20 years ago and they fell in love and now they have three children and 3 restaurants.


who got married to Ahmed’s younger brother Khalid. Her grandparents from Syria and she is interested in Middle east culture but she is not a Muslim.

So, there are many people in this book, Muslims, people who converted to Islam, Non-Muslims who support it and people who think Muslims are not good people or weird.

Margret wasn’t comfortable having her husband’s mother in her house living with them. She wasn’t happy with all the noise and family gatherings. And I totally understand her. Girls in my age now who speak different languages and spend our time on the Internet we have the same problem! We hate family gatherings! Our grandparents think we’re too young and they tell us what we should do and what we shouldn’t and spend a lot of time talking! OMG, it’s all familiar.

I loved all the characters. I don’t feel hate in any way. I feel I want peace. And that’s a good thing in this circumstance where people think Muslims are terrorists and in all the guns and shooting we see on television.

Last thing Palestine is in my heart. I want to thank the writer, From the depth of my heart. No one really knows what Palestine is to Arab. We love it! We feel sad for what is happening to our brothers and sisters there.

Thank you for saying what everyone denies it.

one boy pelted a stone at the soldiers, who merely stepped back well protected by their shields and helmets. 

After reading it you can see I became a big fan of Holly so I had to go and find her to know more about the amazing author. I found out she has a blog called Arabic Zeal

Get to know the Author

Holly. S. Warah the writer of where jasmine blooms

Holly S. Warah

shares her zeal for all things Arabic. An exprt from aington State, Holly first traveled to the Middle East in 1986. During that two-year journey, she met her Palestinian husband and married him in Jerusalem, linking her life forever to the region. She currently makes her home in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, where she’s lived for sixteen years with her husband and their children.

In her own way, Holly hopes to bring down barriers between Arabs and non-Arabs. Holly has a Master’s degree in Teaching English to Speaker of Other Languages and taught ESL for eleven years.

Holly’s novel Where Jasmine Blooms, the story of an Arab-American family in Seattle, published by Skyhorse Publishing, is available at and Barnes and Noble.

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And I saved the best for last

her amazing blog Arabic Zeal

There are amazing blog posts there about her travels and family. She’s an amazing photographer by the way.

Some of her amazing photos on her blog.

Thourya blog
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