Increase your sales by reading The 5 Rules of Megavalue Selling by Mark Holmes.

The 5 Rules of Megavalue Selling: How to Communicate Customer Value and Differentiate from Competitors

Increase your sales by reading The 5 Rules of Megavalue Selling by Mark Holmes.Why are salespeople struggling to differentiate from competitors and communicate customer value? What makes them miss annual sales targets?

This book introduces a remarkably effective way to articulate your value message and create distinction among competitors. Through an engaging story, readers discover the -VALUE- rules, a five steps approach salespeople use to win sales on value not price.

Megavalue Selling is a book salespeople can’t put down. Written for salespeople, managers, startup entrepreneurs and business owners eager to learn about mastering customer conversations about value, this book gives readers:

-Perfect questions for identifying a customer’s existing and unrecognized value drivers.

-How to handle price pushback and commoditization.

-Practical approach for presenting proof.

-Actionable steps for identifying all decision influencers and their roles.

-Simple techniques to align value propositions with customer issues.

Mark Holmes distilled four decades of sales experience, research, consulting and coaching to write a new sales development book covering complex concepts simplified into a short story that’s easy to apply. Mark learned B2B selling by making sales to CEO’s in his twenties, and went on to be a top-performer in several companies. His insights have appeared in the Wall Street Journal, FOX Business and Sales and Marketing Management.

Genre: Sales, Marketing management. Leadership, Motivation

Number of pages 158 pages

Publisher: Gatekeeper Press (May 22, 2017) but you can buy it right now

Rate: Thourya blogThourya blogThourya blogThourya blog

You can buy it now from  Book depository for $24.35 with free shipping

I finished The 5 Rules of Megavalue Selling and I’m very excited to share my review with you guys. I know that I get overexcited sometimes but this book is very positive. Especially for me.

You do need to sell or buy something in daily life. You’ll need people to hire you for your dream job. You want to start a small business and sell your products or you want to sell your service but we don’t know how. How can I convince someone to choose me?!

Everything in life is about selling and buying. You might be an author and you want to sell your book. You want a company to publish it too.

In case you’re Thinking about publishing your own book Maybe you should read this book first.

I’m a freelancer and have a small business called Virka. I should write these things but I keep forgetting. Anyway, The 5 Rules of Megavalue Selling   made me think in a different way.

On Upwork which is a freelancing platform. I need to send a cover letter to a client first to accept me and most of the time they don’t and I just tell myself because there’re many people applying for the job (excuses). After reading it I figured out I was making a disaster not applying for a job😢.

People get turned off when someone come to them and keeps saying buy my service for a very little price or whatever and I did it a lot.

You’ll learn how Mary changed from a salesperson going to be fired to a professional and talented person who got succeeded and started to teach younger salespeople the 5 rules of megavalue selling.

Just remember to keep a notebook and pen beside you when you read the book because you’ll need them to take notes. You don’t have to be salesperson however if you’re one you’ve to read it.

I wholeheartedly recommend this book.

Get to know the author

Mark Holmes

Mark is the author of five books and an expert at generating new sales with large and strategically important accounts. Numerous publications including The Wall Street Journal, Chicago Tribune, Drake Business Review, Sales & Marketing Management and FOX Business have featured his ideas. As a top salesman himself Mark had made thousands of sales calls for industrial products, energy services and professional services before beginning his boutique consulting firm.

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