Thinking about reading this book? Think again.


Dolly Lund – widow of a scrap metal merchant and thrower of flauntingly vulgar parties – may be one of the wealthiest women on Mallorca. But she certainly isn’t the most popular…

When Dolly unexpectedly dies after a night of overindulgence at one of her extravaganzas, few on the island shed a tear.

Her young lover Mark Erington inherits virtually everything and that’s the end of that.

Or it would it have been, if the doctor hadn’t suggested that Señora Lund may not have died naturally, suddenly piling a murder case on Inspector Alvarez’s desk.

The principal beneficiary becomes the number one suspect.

Only he happened to have been in England on the night of her party, and has an alibi to prove it.

As the summer heat begins to sap all remaining dregs of energy from the island, Alvarez’s efforts to trace Erington’s movements seem nothing but a waste of time.

Like speculating why Dolly had a left a battered cigarette case to a young man she hardly knew.

And why her Spanish gardener had it in for her.

Or why her daughter’s pleas for financial help had been ignored.

Weaving between locals and holidaymakers alike, the inspector finds plenty to interest him in the questionable lives and habits of the English colony on Mallorca.

But with another body thrown into the mix, unearthing island gossip is not enough. Will he unearth the island murderer?

Unseemly End is an engrossing thriller filled with mystery and suspense.


I got Unseemly end via NETGALLEY in an exchange of an honest review. I hate to be mean but my time was wasted and the book was not good at all and I blamed myself that I even requested reading it.

The book should be about a rich woman called Dolly married to a young man called Mark, who married her for money. then she gets killed and the inspector trying to figure out who killed her.


Dolly and Mark. The main characters I didn’t connect with any of them.

First I was lost sometimes. I didn’t know who was talking to who and where they are. The writer was jumping from one scene to another and I had to go reread many parts because I lost track of what was going on. I couldn’t remember any of the names not because they were difficult to remember. No!! there were many names. I kept myself reading it so I could just write down my review and I don’t know if I should even publish it.

The writer was describing the furniture and the names of each tree in the garden. Really?! the name of the trees?

I was expecting it was going to be exciting and will make me curious but it turned me off. I don’t know if I’m going to read any books about like this again. It was a mistake and I don’t want to do it again.

I didn’t care who killed Dolly. Her husband or anyone it didn’t make me curious. I was just saying when this book will be finished.



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