The untold story of many women “Something to be brave for book review”


the untold story of many women (something to be brave for review)Would you die for love…? 

Christmas 1997 and Katie Giraud is taking refuge under her grand piano.

Just a few short years after marrying Claude, she now lives in fear for her safety and that of her young daughter, Rose.

Claude, the dashing and charming Frenchman she’d fallen in love with, so attentive and considerate during their whirlwind courtship, has become a monster.

Nothing she does is right and she constantly walks on eggshells, terrified that she will unwittingly inflame his anger.
He humiliates her, he violates her, he beats her…

But Claude is a well-respected, highly successful surgeon, always so polite and thoughtful to everyone but her. As a result, he has succeeded in creating the perfect façade behind which to hide his true self.

Katie’s parents think the world of him, his own patients adore him – everyone loves Claude.

So, who will ever believe what he does behind closed doors?

This story sensitively lifts the lid on the processes of an abusive relationship, which anyone who has ever experienced will identify with, and for those who haven’t, will answer questions like, ‘Why is she putting up with that?’

Something To Be Brave For is a deeply moving account about one woman’s battle for survival.

Praise for Priscilla Bennett

‘A unique – yet still universal – story of domestic violence’ – bestselling author Rosemary Rogers

‘Spellbinding’ – Lewis Burke Frumkes, author of Advice for Young Writers

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Genre: Women fiction

first published: Published April 3rd 2017 by Endeavour Press

Number of pages: 225 pages

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My Review

wow!! You know when you finish a book and your mouth is open and your eyes still on the book and you can’t believe you read it. Yeah, that’s me right now. So I’ve to tell you about the story from the beginning.
Katie a cute girl who’s interested in art and galleries. Her father is a famous surgeon. She is the type of girls who are very innocent and believes in true love. She had met her father’s best student Claude a French man who is so kind and notices every little detail. He told her about his parents who died when he was young.
He cried when he told her.

A nice ambitious doctor WHO LOVES her and she is willing to spend all her life with him.
I was saying to myself why I don’t have a cute boyfriend like him. He can’t turn to a violent husband who beats his wife.
Maybe there will be an explanation. I just sounded like any woman who comes and says wow your husband is very nice and kind. You should be happy he is yours. Or the people who say maybe you have done something wrong made him do that to you. Maybe it was your fault you should try harder and believe me they’re not my favorite type of people

It all started suddenly when he was angry then the second time then many times.
She forgave him. She thought it was her fault and she should make things right.
She’s just like many women out there who think they should have done more to make their husbands happy.
Who thinks that there is no life after divorce.
A story about domestic violence.
This one was told but there are many out there were never told.
I’m a big fan of “Something to be brave for”, but I keep wondering what was inside Claude’s mind?
I recommend reading it.

Know more about the Author

The untold story of many women (something to be brave for by Priscilla Bennett)

Priscilla Bennett, born and raised in Boston, is a retired emergency room nurse. For more than 20 years she witnessed and treated abused women from all backgrounds. She merged her love of writing with her sincere desire to spotlight firsthand domestic violence with the goal of empowering women to escape and heal

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Facebook pageWebsite I recommend you guys to check her website. She has many blog posts about writing, self help and family problems.


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